Berlin based house music label Home Again announces its Guestlist Is Dead capsule collection that aims to metaphorically bury the annoying guestlist culture forever. It is limited to 300 shirts and 100 caps only. The garments have all been crafted in Portugal from organic cotton. The caps have been locally stitched in Berlin Kreuzberg. In support of all the promoters, collectives, and venues which have been almost completely out of business during the pandemic we want to bring the topic of guestlist shenanigans to the table. Things can‘t continue as they did before when getting on that list was a popular sport among clubbers. With things slowly start- ing again in summer 2021, be the cool one and don’t ask for it. Spread the news and express your sincere support by buying the shirt or the cap. Ten percent of the profit will go to the federal foundation LiveKultur which secures spaces for music clubs and festivals in order to preserve live culture as a component of the German cultural landscape in the future.


Home Again Records push forward presenting their 4th release, this time welcoming label affiliate Sandilé. The Cologne based artist has become notable for her eclectic sound which is reflective of her background appreciation of broken beat, UKG and the musical essence of London, as well as warm funk and soul. This limitless exploration of genre is perfectly depicted on Home Again 04 which is her debut release for the Berlin label, the EP features 3 originals plus a remix from house mainstay Malin Genie.
The EP kicks off with the fast paced four-to-the-floor ‘Bossbias’, featuring classic house vocals and skippy high hats, interestingly the track originated as a collaboration between Sandile and UKG hero Zed Bias, hence the title reference. Found on the flip side is ‘Sista From Da Block’, a dreamscape of liquid jungle fused with soulful jazz vocals, whilst on the B-side ‘Trayvon’ offers a deeper head-down club track that unfolds inspirational male vocals, bouncy undertones and an
uplifting whistle throughout the body of the track. Malin Genie re-jigs ‘Trayvon’ layering up with some retro feels on the B2 completing the package.



After the party is the after party and…

By day four everyone at ADE should be in need of a proper hangover hangout and therefore we wanna gather with you on Saturday for Burgers, Mimosas, Aspirin, and of course some good tunes. Let’s hang out, let’s chat, and start the weekend with a smile. The first few bottles are on us, so make sure to come down early. 

Home is where your house is
Home is where your family lives
Home is where your friends hang out
Home is where your music plays
Home is where you dance all night