Szafran (pronounced Sha-fran for those wondering) is a Polish Berlin resident (previously known as Oskar Szafraniec) whose recent collaborations and releases with respected electronic artists such as Pier Bucci or Ricardo Villalobos are bringing plenty of attention to this charming musician, producer and dj.
Often people are amazed at how, when only 18, he toured Japan with A Guy Called Gerald, shaping his musical identity and exposing him to literally a whole world of music at an obviously impressionable age. 

As an expanding library of music in all good record stores builds up, it shows us an artist whose influences range from Miles Davis, Arthur Russel, Terry Riley, Philip Glass and John Coltrane.
Oskar selects layers of atmosphere, rattling riffs and unusual drums draped around subtle textures in a way perhaps not always associated with the house and techno scene he pervades now, yet always drawn from these influences he adores.

This approach to art and music all naturally feeds into his live work now as well.
Oskar plays shows in revered places such as Berlin’s Club der Visionaere, Watergate, Tresor, Salon zur Wilden Renate, the UP Festival in Czech Republic, Moscow’s ARMA17 and recently he’s engaged in longer sets for over 10 hours at The Laboratory in Sofia where people crave something deeper and more experimental in their party zones.
And as crucially, he’s continued working and collaborating with some of the most influential and respected electronic producers on the planet.

There’s a character to his music which regularly shows up in his music as well.
He’s sometimes to be found singing on some of his own productions (such as the 15minute opus ‚Night Trip‘ coming on Skylax), often finding this route preferable to using other people’s samples in his music.

It’s this purity with an open minded approach to writing and production that keeps on pushing him upwards in what’s already an epic journey into the very heart of the scene.
Gaining those all important slots at the world’s leading clubs and festivals such as Mountain Festival in Osaka and Sweden’s Into the Valley come easily now that he’s also establishing himself as an important figure in the more culturally aware clubs who embrace his sets, from all the while developing a healthy sense of culture.

His first release might have been called ‚Dark Days‘ but this rising star of electronic music certainly has a bright future ahead of him.
As Fabric resident & vinyl lover Terry Francis said in UK newspaper The Guardian recently, ‚I’ve been buying a lot of stuff by this guy lately‘.